WIAW, Spring Break Edition

I haven’t written a WIAW post in quite a while. Probably because all you’d see would be yogurt, bread, potatoes and other white, bland, and boring items. First trimester and I were not friends. But as I enter the second trimester, my appetite is making a welcomed appearance.


cantaloupe, half consumed because I was too hungry to wait

voluminous oats made with 2% and topped with local honey, bee’s knees peanut butter and chia seeds


almonds from my March foodie pen pal


decaf and a great grains bagel with cream cheese…ok, so maybe all I want to eat the majority of the time is still bland carby-foods


protein shake made with GNC whey vanilla protein powder and fresh blueberries – trying to get my daily 75 grams in!

I opened a brand new container of protein powder only to discover it was half empty. Why, oh why, do they waste packaging like this?



The hubs texted me early in the afternoon to ask me on a date. We decided on Downriver Grill.

I ordered the portobello sandwich with brie (don’t worry, it’s pasteurized), tomato, red pepper relish and arugula-basil pesto.

On the side was a salad with my favorite lemon feta avocado vinagarette…

and a few fries snagged from the hubs.

Some dark chocolate will most likely enter my life sometime tonight, too.

What is your favorite protein filled snack?